How Do You Play?

The goal of this game, like most games, is to win. The Objective? Have the most Points at the end of the game! You gain Points by winning challenges, going around the board, following New Rules, and more!

(you can also steal Points from other players, but more on that later)

An image of stacks of Point chips

The Basic Play

The Basic Play is comprised of rolling a die, moving around the Board, and doing what the tile says. Other than that, remember to stay vigilant, because the rules are ever-changing, and people can steal your Points when you’re not looking!

An image, showing a game pawn moving 4 spaces forward.

The Tiles

An image, showing all 6 of the different types of tiles.

1v1 Challenges, All Play Challenges, Aw, Heck!, New Rule, Blue, and Create a New Rule tiles. Depending on which tile you land on, you perform different actions.

The Cards

Challenges come in two varieties: 1v1 and All Play. If you win challenges, you are awarded Points!

An image, showing the 2 types of challenge cards.

Types of Aw, Heck! cards: Good, Bad, and Neutral

An image, showing all 3 types of Aw, Heck! cards.

At all times, there are two New Rules in play. You must follow them for as long as they are active. These will change throughout the game, so pay attention to them!

An image, showing 4 examples of New Rule cards.

Stealing Points

Alright, let's talk about Stealing (Oooh!). Stealing is kinda complicated, and I will only explain the basics here. Please see the Rulebook for more information.

An image, showing the Player Mat.

Whenever you get Points, they are placed on your Player Mat in stacks. You may NOT guard/block your chips with anything, and they must be open for anyone to attempt to steal at all times.

An image, showing giving them 2x the amount you tried to steal.

If you get caught stealing someone’s chips, you must give them those chips back, plus the amount you tried to steal from them, from your own stock.

However, if no one calls you out by the time the next player rolls to move, you have performed a Successful Steal, and the Points are yours!

An image, showing a Successful Steal.
An image of a player exclaiming 'I stole 1 Point from Casey!'

If you perform a Successful Steal, you must declare it by saying, “I stole [X-amount of] Points from [Insert player’s name]!”

That's It!

Those are the Rules in a nutshell.
More specifications and minutiae can be found in the Rulebook

Download & Print

I love Print & Play games, so I have made this game free* to play! I hope you enjoy your time playing this with your friends, family, or enemies!

*you just have to pay with your time, paper, and ink.

Blue Tiles

The Blue Tiles on the board are special, and come in different flavors. Above, you will find buttons to take you to prompts for some of them!

The Wheels

Some challenges require either a Color Wheel, or a Letter Wheel. Find them here!

Created New Rules

A growing collection of New Rules that people have had fun playing with, and submitted!